Hollow Glass Microsphere Specification List 2023

Short Description:

  • Bulk Density: 0.08-0.42 g/cm³
  • True Density: 0.13-0.80 g/cm³
  • Compressive Strength: 500-30000 Psi
  • Applications: Paints and coatings, Putty, Emusion Explosive, Cementing Slurry, Drilling Fluids, Solid Buoyancy Materials, Rubber, Engineering Plastics
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    Hollow glass microspheres, also known as glass bubbles, are tiny spheres made of thin-walled glass. They are lightweight, chemically inert, and have excellent thermal and electrical insulating properties.

    Here are some common applications of hollow glass microspheres:
    1. Aerospace and Defense;
    2. Automotive and Transportation;
    3. Construction and Building Materials;
    4. Oil and Gas;
    5. Coatings and Paints;
    6. Electronics and Energy Storage;
    7. Personal Care Products
    hollow glass microsphere specifications list 2023

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